Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vanessa Kachadurian 70 disabled children visit Lake Sevan

YEREVAN, AUGUST 27, ARMENPRESS: Seventy disabled children of the republic have had a rest in “Blue Sevan” health resort of Ghegharkunik province through financing of President’s fund.

“The camp was surely efficient, children spent a fine time,” Chairman of “Pyunik” union of Armenian disabled people Hakob Abrahamyan said, noting that specialists carried out relevant works with children.

“We have a program, thanks to which we try to integrate disabled children into the environment of their contemporaries, in order they keep pace with life,” Mr. Abrahamyan said, expressing confidence that suchlike camps enable to develop the sport capabilities of children as well.

Suchlike camps, according to the chairman of the union, are annual and are implemented every year from 1989, and from 1996 have been financed by President’s fund.

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  1. I felt compelled to respond, here is an inspirational story of a boy with no arms and a foot missing. He was adopted from Cambodia, he continues to help others despite his challenges.
    remarkable huh?